4 Reasons Why You Need to Take Good Care of Your Gums

Close-up of a smile with healthy gums

Odds are that when it comes to your smile, you pay more attention to your teeth than the gum tissue around them. And while preventing cavities is certainly important, you don’t want to ignore your gums; they play a more important role in your oral and overall health than you might realize. Here are 4 reasons why you should make sure that you’re maintaining good gum health in Belmont.

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Can Gum Regeneration Help with Receding Gums?

Illustration of gum recession exposing roots of a tooth

Receding gums can be a bigger problem than they appear to be at first. Not only can they make your teeth seem much longer than they should, but they might also lead to sensitivity whenever you eat something hot or cold. So, what can you do about this common dental issue? In many cases, gum regeneration might hold the answer; read on to find out why.

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Do Gums Grow Back After They Recede?

Close-up of receded gums on lower arch

You may not think about your gums very often, but they play an important role in keeping your smile healthy. However, thin gum tissue or gum disease can cause the gums to recede, meaning they pull back from the teeth and expose the roots. When this happens, you’ll probably have one question on your mind: do receded gums grow back on their own? Here is what you need to know about treating this condition.

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How to Floss Around Dental Implants

One advantage of dental implants is they are simple to maintain. Many patients find it similar to taking care of their natural teeth. Flossing can require a little more thought because implants are attached differently than natural teeth. Your periodontist can provide tips for flossing dental implants after permanent placement. Read more about flossing around dental implants and what you need to know.

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Will Your Dental Implants Get Stained?

Man with dental implants leaning on table smiling

When you replace a tooth with a dental implant, you’ll probably be happy to know that your new restoration is in no danger of suffering from decay or cavities. But what about the stains that leaves your natural teeth looking dull? Dental implant restorations are known to be stain resistant, but that doesn’t make them completely immune. Here’s what you need to know about stains on dental implant crowns – and how they can be avoided.

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