Periodontal Professionalism & Care

Dr. Schrott’s commitment is to meet your patient’s periodontal and implant needs in a professional, competent, and timely manner while providing exceptional care.

Quality & Experience

Dr. Schrott’s distinctive and extensive training in America and Europe as well as his experience of more than ten years in dental implant and periodontal therapy have helped him to be able to provide you with the highest quality of care for your patients. This includes Dr. Schrott’s choice of only the highest quality materials and his obligation to an outstanding level of continuing education.

Timeliness & Availability

Dr. Schrott will make every effort to see your patients the same day or the latest within two business days of your referral. A letter with his findings and treatment suggestions will be sent to you the same day of the patient visit. Applying newest technologies and clinical techniques allow him to complete periodontal and implant therapy in a timely manner so restorative treatment can be initiated the earliest possible.

Communication & Team Approach

One of Dr. Schrott’s primary goals is to be a helpful and valuable member of an interdisciplinary team together with his referring doctors, while providing efficient communication and continued exchange of knowledge and ideas in a team approach.

Implant Restorative Guidance

If you have limited experience with dental implants and as a consequence are hesitating to implement implant therapy in your practice, Dr. Schrott will make every effort to help you acquiring the knowledge necessary to provide this invaluable treatment option to your patients.

Preserve and Regenerate, then Restore

As a periodontist my primary concern is the preservation of the natural dentition and the regeneration of lost periodontal tissues. If preservation of natural teeth or regeneration of periodontal tissues cannot be achieved due to advanced disease, my goal is to restore health, function and esthetics through competent implant therapy.

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