Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery in Belmont, MA

Schrott Perio Implants provides cosmetic periodontal surgery services in Belmont, MA. For more information or to make a consultation appointment, call our office at 617-484-9240.

What Is Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery?

Cosmetic periodontal surgery refers to procedures mainly intended to improve the esthetic quality of your smile.

Benefits of Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery

Improve Self-Confidence

When you feel good about your looks, it can transform your outlook on life. Sharing a smile in a personal or professional setting makes you seem friendlier and more approachable. You will make better first impressions and won’t want to hide your smile.

Look Youthful

Receding gums are a hallmark of old age. Correcting receding gums gives you a more youthful appearance.

Improved Oral Health

While these procedures are mainly cosmetic, they can also improve oral health. Gum grafts can reverse gum recession and make teeth look younger but they will also cover exposed tooth roots preventing a wide range of potential complications such as root decay or dental infections.

Removing excess gum tissue as part of a “gummy smile” correction will reduce periodontal pockets and can reduce the risk for gum inflammation and infections.

Greater Comfort

Cosmetic periodontal procedures can reduce tooth sensitivity. Covering the tooth’s root makes it less uncomfortable when encountering heat or cold.

Procedures Offered

Esthetic Crown Lengthening

This procedure corrects “gummy” smiles or gum tissue asymmetries, where the gum tissue extends too far over the tooth surface making the teeth look short and wide. The procedure involves removing gum tissue or moving the gums further down on the teeth to expose more tooth structure and create more esthetic tooth dimensions.

This procedure will give you a brilliant, symmetrical smile.

Root Coverage

When the gums recede around certain teeth, these teeth can look long and unsightly. Gum grafts can regenerate the lost gum tissue covering the roots and creating esthetic tooth dimensions.

Pontic Site Development

This procedure helps bridges look more natural. The procedure eliminates the visible gap between the pontic (artificial tooth) and the gum. The periodontist creates more volume at the site where the pontic sits. This is usually done with gum grafts.

Why Choose Schrott Perio Implants?

Our highly skilled periodontists regularly and routinely perform esthetic periodontal procedures.

Dr. Schrott has been performing esthetic periodontal procedures since 2003 and has presented nationally and internationally about gum grafting procedures.

Technique, experience, and advanced materials allow for predictable results even in the most challenging cases.

The staff at Schrott Perio Implants is compassionate, non-judgmental, and experienced. We can help you manage esthetic problems using several procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery

Where is cosmetic periodontal surgery performed?

We perform these procedures in our office on a routine basis. Local anesthesia will keep you comfortable during the procedure, and we have options for sedation dentistry as well.

Can cosmetic gum surgery help with periodontal disease?

Some types of cosmetic gum surgery, like gum grafts and esthetic crown lengthening procedures, can help prevent complications from root exposure and deep pockets.

How long should I allow for recovery from cosmetic periodontal surgery?

Depending on the procedure you will have it generally takes one to two weeks to fully recover from surgery. Some patients may feel fine within just a few days. Follow your periodontist’s post-surgical instructions to minimize healing times.

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