Pre-Prosthetic Procedures in Belmont, MA

Schrott Perio Implants provides pre-prosthetic procedures in Belmont, MA. To make an appointment for a consultation, call us at 617-484-9240.

What Are Pre-Prosthetic Procedures?

Pre-prosthetic procedures prepare your mouth for a dental prosthesis like a crown, bridge, partial, or complete denture. These procedures reshape the contours of the gums to provide a natural look and ensure proper fit.

Benefits of Pre-Prosthetic Procedures

When the periodontist prepares the site before creating the denture, the prosthesis will fit and function better to replace missing teeth. The gums surrounding the prosthesis will take on a healthy and more stable structure.

Procedures Offered

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a routine procedure that exposes more tooth structure by removing excess gum tissue and bone. That way a tooth that does not have enough tooth structure to be restored can be saved.

This procedure can also be performed for cosmetic reasons in cases where there is an excess amount of gum tissue and teeth appear short (“gummy smile” correction).


A gingivectomy removes excess gum tissue from around the teeth that will undergo restoration.


Patients with severe bone loss often do not have enough jaw bone to properly support or retain a partial or a denture. A vestibuloplasty lowers the gum tissue around an edentulous area to provide for better retention of a denture. Vestibuloplasty can also become necessary if there is muscle or frenulum pull into the gum tissue causing gum recession.

Gingival Grafts

When the gum tissue around a tooth, a dental implant or a denture is too thin a gingival graft can increase gum tissue thickness and stability. This procedure removes a gum graft from the roof of the mouth and uses it to augment the existing gum tissue. This procedure can correct gum recession, improve gum tissue around a dental implant and prepare a site for a new prosthesis.

Why Choose Schrott Perio Implants?

We provide expert periodontal and dental implant care in a convenient Boston Metro location.

Our highly skilled periodontists regularly and routinely perform pre-prosthetic periodontal procedures.

Dr. Schrott has been performing pre-prosthetic periodontal procedures since 2003 and has presented nationally and internationally about gum grafting procedures.

Technique, experience, and advanced materials allow for predictable results even in the most challenging cases.

Our warm, friendly office environment welcomes patients and makes them feel comfortable.

We offer non-judgmental treatment and treat all patients with compassion.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pre-Prosthetic Procedures

Do I need surgery if I have too much gum tissue to place a prosthesis?

Our periodontist will evaluate you to determine whether surgery is necessary, but you may need a crown lengthening procedure.

Why is pre-prosthetic surgery necessary?

Crown lengthening is needed when a tooth has suffered such advanced destruction that it cannot be restored without exposing more tooth structure. A gingivectomy is needed when an abundance of gum tissue  needs to be removed to allow for the placement of a dental restoration.

Vestibuloplasty or a gum graft is needed to create healthier and more stable gum tissue around a natural tooth, a dental implant or a denture.

Why is vestibuloplasty important?

Vestibuloplasty raises the height of the jaw’s alveolar ridge. It prevents dentures from fitting loosely by adjusting the height of the vestibule (the tissue between the teeth and cheeks).

How long is the recovery period after pre-prosthetic surgery?

Depending on the procedure it generally takes one to two weeks to fully recover from surgery. Some patients may feel fine within just a few days.

You will have to eat soft foods such as fish, pasta, or soft cooked vegetables for six weeks and avoid hard or crunchy food such as chips, nuts or popcorn.

Follow your periodontist’s post-surgical instructions to minimize healing times.

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